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Welcome to Forex Automation Technologies!

We are open for business and we invite you all to try our free service. Whether you are an experienced Forex trader or just a beginner, skilled programmer or a complete stranger to coding, we are here to help you build a completely automated trading robot which executes your strategy to the letter. You create your strategy from building blocks by filling DIY Forex Trading Robot form. Hit the submit button and receive your robot in the email. Use it for back-testing, strategy optimization, demo or live trading… You decide.

You will need to install Metatrader4 platform on your computer. This is one of the most popular trading software available out there. It is free, most Forex brokers support it and let you download it from their website once you open a demo account with them (sometimes this isn’t even required). Check out this tutorial on how to download, install and configure Metatrader4 on your computer. Although anyone can trade manually using Metatrade4 platform, its real power is in supporting automated trading. Traders who a comfortable with programming can code trading algorithms, known in Metatrader4’s realm as Expert Advisers (EA), and run them 24/7 within the platform. Such EAs communicate with the broker’s server, get continuous price updates and execute trades according to the underlying trading strategy. In addition to actual trading, EA can be used to evaluate strategy performance and optimize its parameters by running it over historical data within Metatrade4’s Strategy Tester tool. This is an invaluable feature, but it is available only to those who can code their own EA.

For those who can’t, here come our service: DIY Forex Trading Robot . Build your strategy by filling out the form, hit Submit button and we will send you EA code that automates your strategy within seconds. All you need to do is to load it into Metatrader4. Check out our tutorials that walk you through the process, explain how to use Metatrader4, how to download and install historical data and more.

Today we are rolling out the free edition of our service. It has limited set of features but enough to get started and explore various trading strategies. And while we are working on more advanced features which will be available with paid accounts, many of these features, as they become available, will be offered for free for a limited time. We will post here every time we roll out a new feature. So stay tuned and check in often.